What is Live-in Care?

24/7 home care services in East Anglia

Purely Care of Norwich provides you with the complete home care package tailored to suit your personal needs and health requirements.

Live-in care at your home

Live-in care is the ideal solution for people who need care throughout the day but who would like to stay in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This helps them maintain their daily routine and also allows them to be in regular touch with their family, friends, neighbours and the local community. With 24/7 live-in care, you will have someone living with you at all times, avoiding the trauma of moving to a care home.  Our case studies below show you how this can work in practice.

Our Respite Care can support family carers.  Looking after someone full time can be exhausting and we offer a respite service which can enable full time carers to have a much needed break.  Purely Care can provide support companions for a few days at a time.  The permanent carer can be confident in the care provided and return refreshed and rested.

Short term Live-in care can also be the perfect arrangement if you need a little extra help on call after a stay in hospital or if you are having frequent visits to hospital.

Our clients say we help them manage their health. In our 2015 client survey. 89% said our carers had helped them manage their health better. 100% said they felt safe and secure with our carers.

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Case studies

couples together at home

Keeping couples together at home

Margaret and Don were happily married for 61 years. Alzheimers lead to Margaret becoming forgetful and life was getting difficult as Don suffered from poor eyesight and a heart condition. 

A live-in carer was the answer to their problems. Our carer provides daily personal care for Margaret and also encourages her to help around the house with peeling potatoes and folding the laundry. Don, now relieved of the daily chores and worry gets to spend more time with Margaret.

Margaret and Don each receive separate funding from the local authority as a Direct Payment. They have chosen to combine their resources to pay for their full-time carer.

Personalised Dementia Care

Personalised Dementia Care

Muriel had care in Woodbridge, Suffolk. She had always loved to shop. She had the early stages of dementia but appeared to be coping well at home. Her daughter became worried when she heard she had been brought home by strangers because she lost her way and asked Purely Care for help. Our live-in carer was an ideal match. She enabled Muriel to be independent and still go out wherever she wanted. But the care worker made sure she dressed suitably, appointments weren’t missed and they got home safe. In addition, Muriel had a companion to provide reassurance and who she could chat with, and someone who to remind her when to turn on the television, so that she could watch her favourite black and white movies and tennis matches. Her daughter's visits then offered quality time together, rather than having to deal with practical issues and problems.
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