Advice for Overseas Applicants

Advice for Overseas Applicants




We have a sponsor licence and a limited number of opportunities for suitable overseas applicants or people in UK on a visa that allows work who would like to swap visas.

You will find details of our vacancies that attract sponsorship here: Sponsorship Opportunity 

You will see more information regarding the care worker roles on our website Care careers | Purely Care. It is important that you read up on the role fully and completely understand what would be expected of you. It is very different from the care assistant role in care homes or working in a busy hospital.

You will need to be fully vaccinated against covid before arriving in UK and depending on your country’s vaccination protocol, may need additional booster jabs in the UK.  If working here in the winter you will also be required to have a flu jab in UK.

National insurance numbers and bank accounts can be arranged in UK. You do not need to pay a fee for this.

Employment agencies are not allowed to charge a fee for finding you a job.  Agents can charge for other services though so be sure to understand what you are being charged for if someone wants a fee.  We deal direct with our job applicants and applicants have been successful applying for visas themselves by following the UKVI rules carefully.

You need to be fully familiar with the requirements and costs of the skilled worker visa. Further information can be found here: Please make sure you have the relevant documents in place and sufficient funds to support yourself before making an application for work.

You will need to submit an up to date CV. We are inspected by the Care Quality Commission and they will expect a CV to show all work experience since leaving school and any gaps in employment history accounted for. When preparing your CV remember the reader knows nothing about you. You may find this site helpful when writing your CV.

When applying for a job, please confirm you have read all information, including having the sufficient funds to support your application. Also please explain what steps you have taken so far to meet the UK visa requirements, and provide a realistic timeframe when you will be available to start work after giving notice in your current job and sorting out your personal affairs.

Don’t send more documents than you need to.  Copies of your passport and bank statement really shouldn’t be circulating to all and sundry.  We will ask for additional documents at the point we need them.

All care workers in England are required to study the Care Certificate.  Employers will usually customise this to their own care setting.  If you would like to familiarise yourself with the content you will find free workbooks here Care Certificate Workbook (

We will post updates on our facebook group:

We have been made aware of a post on some African social media groups which lists ourselves along with other employers. We have no knowledge of where this originated and some of the information is incorrect and misleading.  We do not provide sponsorship for training or for applicants without care experience and we do not provide monetary grants..