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Personal carers in Norwich

When you come to Purely Care for support and care services, you can rest assured knowing we train our staff and regularly supervise them to ensure we deliver the best for our clients.

Matching clients and personal carers

We understand how important it is for you to have a care worker that you can trust and rely upon, as well as bond with. That is why we make sure all our carers are experience and fully trained, but also have the right personality. For this reason we have developed the most stringent internal quality controls and training programme to make sure you have the very best available. Before we assign a carer to take care of your needs, we analyse the following:
  • Do we feel the client and care worker are well matched in terms of personality?
  • Does the care worker have the appropriate experience and skills required?
  • Is the care worker prepared to be assigned to the client on a regular basis?
Once these questions are answered and we have found the right carer for you, we will also find out if you are comfortable with your carer. Call us today for more information on our services or to discuss a career in care.

Care worker training and supervision

Care worker training and supervision

Our care staff have an initial 5 day training course which includes practical exercises as well as theory. Our training meets the national standards of Skills for Care. If new staff do not have formal qualifications, the initial training starts their Care Certificate programme which is usually completed over 3 months. Subjects covered by our initial training include food hygiene, emergency aid awareness, infection control, confidentiality, dementia and handling emergency situations. We have a regular schedule of mandatory refresher training and on-going training which covers topics such as falls prevention, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and palliative care as well as client specific training.
Elderly care

Criminal records check and continuity

For your safety and peace of mind, all our care staff are vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service at an enhanced level. To ensure the integrity of our staff we also obtain suitable references from previous employers before employment. We believe that consistency of care worker is important for both client and care worker as both parties get to know each other well. However, it is never possible to rely on a single carer as everyone has to have some time off. The number of carers involved in a care package will depend on the complexity of the client’s needs and behaviour. Purely Care seek to keep the number of carers visiting to a minimum. For live-in care we recommend starting with a two week rotation which enables the staff to get to understand the client’s routine and gives a small team of regular carers to ensure holidays and sickness can be covered.
To speak with our personal carers in Norwich and East Anglia, call us on 
01603 407 707
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