Dementia Care

Our fully trained live in carers enable people with dementia to remain safely in their own homes and access the flexible support they need, when they need it.

Personalised Care for Dementia

Personalised care For Dementia

The symptoms of dementia can affect each person differently. In some people the symptoms can vary from day to day or even from hour to hour. Purely Care’s live-in carers can help you manage the challenges of dementia and get the most out of life. Each person’s experience of dementia is different and our staff support the person as their needs change.

A live in carer stays with you 24/7 and develops a thorough knowledge and understanding of your needs. They can provide just the right kind of support for you how you want it and when you want it.  This support is tailored to your requirements. The carer may provide emotional support: having someone to talk to for reassurance and to remind you what is happening, also helping you to see the positive things in life.  They may help you to take your medication correctly and monitor for side effects, advising when medical attention should be sought.  We can support with preparing healthy meals to help maintain proper nutrition and hydration which can help prevent urine infections and improve general health.  The carer can also offer practical assistance: such as help with dressing, housework and keeping the house free from trip hazards.

Live in care allows you to stay safely in your own home and maintain your own lifestyle, whilst accessing the personal support you need. 

For your peace of mind, all staff are employed by Purely Care, are fully trained, have criminal record checks at enhanced level and references are received before staff start work. 

Purely Care can provide live in carers to support people with dementia.  The areas covered include Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex. Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Daily care for dementia is also available in Norwich.

If you would like to find out more about how Purely Care can provide help for you, please call Elaine or Raffy on 01603 407707.



Muriel lived in Woodbridge, Suffolk. She had always loved to shop. She had the early stages of Alzheimer’s but appeared to be coping well at home.  Although starting to be forgetful, she seemed to be managing her normal routines.

Her daughter became worried when she heard she had been brought home several times by strangers because she lost her way, and asked Purely Care for help.

Our live-in carer was an ideal match. She enabled Muriel retain her independence and still go out wherever she wanted. The care worker made sure she dressed suitably, that appointments weren’t missed and that Muriel got home safely. In addition, Muriel had a companion to provide reassurance, who she could chat with, and who would remind her when to turn on the television, so that she could watch her favourite black and white movies and tennis matches.  Muriel is safe at home and has regained quality of life.

Her daughter can now spend quality time with Muriel, rather than having to deal with practical issues and problems when she visits.

If you are worried about someone with dementia, the Alzheimer Society have lots of helpful resources.

As does Dementia (UK)