Daily home care

By E GRACE•05 May, 2017Joan and HarveyAt Purely Care we understand it can be difficult for someone who has always been independent to accept help from other people. We understand that we need to tread gently and build up trust with new clients.  
Joan lived alone with Harvey her Jack Russell terrier. She did not feel that she needed care, but her family were worried about her, particularly first thing in the morning and locking up at bedtime when they could not visit due to their own childcare responsibilities. Joan was adamant that she did not need care. The only thing she needed help with was to walk Harvey. Joan’ s family explained the situation to us and asked us to help. The initial outcomes we agreed were to walk Harvey twice a day and build a relationship with Joan to test what care she might accept. We developed a programme of care where our care worker would attend and introduce herself as the ‘dog walker’. In the mornings the ‘dog walker’ would ensure Joan was up and dressed, had taken her medication and was starting to get breakfast, the carer would then take Harvey for a walk and on her return, check everything was in order for the day. In the evenings the care worker would ensure Joan was orientated to the time of day and understood it was nearly time for bed, take Harvey for a walk then help Joan to lock up the house as she left. Joan was receptive to this type of subtle supervision and was able to remain living in her own home safely.Purely Care, The Old Corner Shop, Cromer Road, Norwich, NR6 6LZTel 01603 407707